I am writing to thank you and Raj for all your help and support over the 18 months treatment that I was undergoing.

When I first decided to go through with the procedure it was with considerable trepidation and lots of anxiety – all for nothing though because I was made to feel completely at ease and although the intensity of the treatment meant having many visits I always left with a feeling of great relief that everything had run smoothly.

Sometimes it was even fun! I remember when Raj had so much trouble taking a tooth out that he had to have a break, it was really funny at the time. Anyway thank you for your continuing help. You have converted me from dreading going to the dentist to looking forward to it (well maybe not quite!).

I am writing to say how delighted I am with the dental implant you did for me. It has made a huge difference to my appearance and confidence and I could not be more pleased with the result. I felt you were immensely competent and conscientious and took great pains to get everything right
I would be delighted to contribute to your portfolio of testimonials and happily permit the use of my before and after photographs. To comment on my experience of the dentistry I received I am only too happy to report that I am really happy with the work that was undertaken.

The results have more than exceeded my expectations. I had over recent years become rather self-conscious when smiling and speaking.

My concern was that nothing could be done as I had some unsightly old fillings, gaps and worn front teeth. My concerns were quickly put aside and I was reassured and confident in the treatment that was proposed.

Now the work is complete I must be presenting a more friendly and relaxed impression as I think people are smiling at me more. I was impressed with the very friendly but entirely professional approach and the meticulous attention to detail with the work that was carried out.

I felt relaxed and comfortable during the sessions. Everything was clearly explained to me and I was offered several treatment options to suit me. I have been welcomed courteously and efficiently by reception staff.

The ongoing and regular treatments by the pleasant Practice Hygienist have also resulted in a much more comfortable and healthy mouth.

Thank you too for your very proficient, calming, thoughtful and supportive chair­side nursing. Please pass on my very best wishes to Raj and if I can be of any further help or you need more information please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to seeing the testimonial when it is complete.

I am sure that I will have been one of the most nervous patients Raj has ever had to deal with. I also have a totally irrational needle phobia and mentioned these points when first consulting Raj about the possibility of some implants.

However, I had promised myself that I would never have dentures and decided to get on with some quite extensive dental work. Throughout the whole 10 months that the procedure lasted, Raj impressed me with his professionalism and determination to get everything absolutely right.

It is now almost 18 months since my treatment was completed and I am absolutely delighted with the result. I will always be happy for Raj to give prospective patients my phone number.

I recommend him most highly. (p.s. the staff aren’t bad either!)

Further to your letter of 19’h March 2007, I write to confirm my satisfaction with the dentistry and care I have received from Raj and sanction the use of the photographs to illustrate the results.
I come from a family of five children. My mother had beautiful, large, white teeth, so did three of my siblings. My brother and I followed in father’s mould with small, unhappily coloured slightly irregular specimens.

Though we were encouraged to look after our teeth as children, the normal quota of sweeties and fizzy drinks passed through!

I made the decision last year that the teeth needed to be priority. Working on the principal that any dentistry would be an investment for the future, as well as, hopefully, giving me a ‘new` smile, I began research.

I was referred to Henderson House and Raj Wadhwani by my NHS dentist. Initially, I had one major piece of work I wanted carried out – an implant to fill a hole of several years before my jaw and face shape changed too much.

Raj gave me a smiling welcome and a quick and detailed assessment of the work we agreed I would ideally like to be undertaken.

The work was described in separate stages or modules which 1 could elect to have undertaken as I felt ready, or as my finances allowed.

The initial `whitening’ of my teeth gave dramatic results which were very pleasing and immediately noticed. After that I had several appointments at Henderson House where over several hours my smile was transformed.

There are still items on my dental `wish list’ which I know I can meet in time following this route and with supreme confidence in the first class work that’s been carried out so far. Thank you all.

I am writing to say how very satisfied I am with the treatment that I have received at your surgery. From my first visit I have felt very comfortable that I am receiving the finest treatment available and your professional expertise in the treatment of my teeth has been exemplary.

There is no doubt that you have saved many of my teeth that I may well have otherwise have had to lose, and those that you have had no option but to replace have all been dealt with in a most professional manner.

I confirm that I am happy for you to use any photographs that you have taken of my teeth, and I would have no hesitation in recommending your practice to anyone needing the finest dental treatment.

I was not exactly prepared for the process of the actual implant e.g. bone graft, but once the process was complete I was extremely pleased with the effect. The tooth is so much a part of my make-up now and I would certainly recommend both the process, and Raj as a very competent implantologist.
After many years with my previous rather staid and traditional dentist, many miles away, I sought a local dentist.

The reception staff immediately impressed me by their thoughtful concern and efficient approach in a forward looking well equipped practice.

Coincidentally I soon required two crowns.

The first required a bone growth, which added to the complexity and Raj undertook with reassuring calmness and carefully explained the intricacy and sequency of the procedure.

I experience a slight reaction which was rapidly and professionally controlled even though this entailed weekend out of hours consultation.

Raj showed great patience and attention to accurately fitting the crown and as a team working with his attentive and knowledgeable assistant they interacted cheerfully and competently and engendered full confidence.

I later required a second crown where Raj improved on his timely service, where , in a matter of hours, he assessed the colour and shape and proceeded to cut, fashion and glaze the crown on the premises and again with great care fitted the crown.

This eliminated the slightly unpleasant process of moulds and waiting weeks for the crown. The crowns fitted perfectly first time, as the photographs show, and have shown no sign of discomfort with whatever I eat.