BDA Good Practice

BDA Good Practice

The British Dental Association provide quality-centred practices with a self-audit framework for quality governance arrangements, and achievement of BDA ‘Good Practice” is recognition for achieving that standard. All ADG practices are BDA ‘Good Practice’ accredited.

You can therefore be assured that our practice has a commitment to the following 3 areas that are assessed :

• Good systems

• Good team-work

• A positive patient experience

For BDA ‘Good Practice’ accreditation five key areas of the practice are audited :

  • Patients
  • The Practice Environment
  • The Practice Team
  • Monitoring Quality
  • Business Management
  • We communicate effectively with patients by honest practice promotions, adherence to information governance guidelines, and written practice materials
  • We quality assure professional competence by supporting  clinicians stay up to date, follow best practice guidelines in examination, record keeping and  risk assessment particularly for soft tissue anomalies such as oral cancer
  • We ensure fair and accessible care by embracing principles of the Equality Act 2010, being mindful of patients with particular needs and providing emergency care and out of hours advice
  • We promote patient care and welfare by being transparent about acceptance for NHS and Private services, having a practice policy on attending appointments and cancellations, promoting robust consent processes, ensuring qualification of our sedation staff. Where needed advice is provided in writing particularly in relation to written treatment plans, charges, pre-and post-operative advice,  providing individualised recall appointments, collaboration with specialists, and promoting confidentiality
  • Safeguarding patients from harm including abuse or neglect of a child and a vulnerable adult
  • Ensure that an effective complaints procedure operates
  • Cleanliness and infection control is promoted by means of adherence to the practice infection control policy
  • There are effective decontamination processes in surgery with zoning, decontamination of equipment and surfaces between patients with safe storage of processed equipment
  • A dedicated decontamination room exists in the practice
  • Appropriate personal protective equipment is worn
  • Workplace safety is promoted by considering the impact of COSHH assessments, undertaking fire risk assessment, ensuring segregation of clinical waste, safety check of equipment, ensuring that radiography equipment is services, following guidelines in the IR(ME)R guidelines 2020
  • Emergencies and accidents are managed by business continuity plans, training in medical emergency management, provision of first aid, reporting of ‘near misses’
  • There is safe medicine management namely safe storage of prescription pads, and responsible dispensing
  • Adherence to General Data Protection Regulations 2018
  • Pre-employment checks
  • Providing evidence of training and qualifications
  • Promoting and anti-discrimination culture
  • Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service processes for clinical staff
  • Maintenance of a personnel file
  • Usual processes of induction, training needs analysis, orientation and training
  • Use of appropriate contracts of employment
  • Promoting a culture to prevent bullying and harassment
  • Promoting professional development including mandatory CPD
  • Analysis and reflection on patient complaints
  • Raising concerns where appropriate and identifying and supporting stress, alcohol or drug addition
  • We involve patients in their care by actively seeking feedback and where complaints and comments are discussed anonymously at a practice level
  • Ensuring effective information storage and retrieval systems
  • Ensuring good IT security and quality assurance of information systems
  • An efficient appointment management system
  • Effective systems for clinical audit
  • The practice has a consumer credit licence to be able to be the provider of  clinical services in a credit agreement
  • Appropriate checks on professional indemnity status of all clinicians