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Fixed Braces Treatment
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Traditional braces are a popular and affordable orthodontic option. Called “fixed braces,” they can correct crowded teeth, eliminate gaps, and align the jaw. Many people still associate traditional metal braces with a “metal mouth,” but this treatment has improved greatly over the years, in terms of comfort, appearance and timelines. Children and adults are enjoying the results of today’s metal braces.

What to Know About
Metal Braces

Today’s metal braces consist of smaller, sleeker brackets adhered to the teeth and connected by wires – and will slowly straighten teeth over time. Your metal braces are periodically tightened to align your teeth as efficiently and comfortably as possible.

We now use heat-activated arch wires, so metal braces work with the heat in your mouth to gently straighten the arch wire back to its original form. This provides you with more comfort and fewer dentist visits during treatment.

Kids love the option of colorful rubber bands around the brackets, allowing them to express themselves through a variety of bright, trendy tones!

And if you’re worried about braces cost, traditional braces are the most affordable treatment option for patients.

Have you ever considered the benefits of a truly magnificent smile? Although Orthodontic straightening of teeth can result in improved ability to clean and reduce food packing the biggest transformation is in oneself. Orthodontics results in improved facial aesthetics, improved sense of personal well-being, self-esteem and confidence which can improve interpersonal relationships, enhanced social success and promotion in life.

Why Everyone Loves a
Great Smile

A great smile is a beautiful sight. Smiling is instinctive in babies, and they smile in their sleep as soon as they are born.

When you have a beautiful smile, you feel more self-confident in social and business settings. Smiling can lift your mood, which also boosts your immune system — improving your physical health. A smile with straight teeth is best for your dental health, as straight teeth are easier to keep clean and prevent cavities.

When you smile, it’s contagious – so you lift everyone up. Smiling will relieve your stress, as it releases endorphins, the “happy” hormones. Your smile is recognizable to others, and can be seen up to 300 feet away!

Smiling helps your interpersonal and intimate relationships – and is considered more attractive than makeup. Smiling is the universal sign of happiness – and can get you a promotion at work.

Assessing Your Smile and Bite

One of our expert clinicians will assess your smile, note your concerns and make recommendations on how to improve your smile. The clinician will also assess how well your teeth fit together to support your jaws.

There are several ways to treat jaw problems. The techniques differ in how the brace looks, how well the brace can correct the dentition, and the timeline for braces treatment.

To achieve your desired results, it is important to choose the correct strategy and technique. Your clinical expert will advise you whether traditional fixed braces are the best option for you – of if you could benefit most from another treatment.

The fixed brace provides absolute control of tooth movement for each individual tooth. So the orthodontist has full control over correction of the bite.

If you are under the age of 18 and satisfy the appropriate grade within the index of orthodontic treatment need the NHS will fund basic treatments. This does not include cosmetic braces.

Whereas ceramic braces have a more favourable appearance they may take longer to work than a metal brace due to greater friction. The ceramic braces also fracture and break more readily which can result in slightly longer treatment times.

Fixed braces provide precision of tooth movement whereas invisalign cannot always offer precision. Fixed braces often take longer than invisalign treatments but provide a more precise result.

For a simple case treatment can usually be done within one year. For a more complex case treatment can usually be completed with two years.

When changing the wires of a fixed brace the teeth are slightly tender for 24-48 hours. We usually ask patients to east and chew more softly and slowly and that is all that is needed to help opeppe manage,

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