Soft Tissue and Facial Examination

Soft Tissue and Facial Examination

When you attend for a dental examination, we carry out a thorough check of facial tissues, and soft tissues within your mouth. This is to ensure an absence of pathology or disease. We will also advise you on services that we perform to improve facial complexion, and youthfulness of the face  where this is desired.

  • We check your jaw joints for clicks and your jaws for deviations
  • We check the facial symmetry, and make note of any change of symmetry
  • We check your lymph nodes around the face and neck as this can be a sign of infection or if more sinister, a malignancy
  • We check your mouth for fibrous lines which suggest grinding. This is important if you have old worn out teeth that are fragile and may crack.
  • We check your gum pockets and score the severity of gum disease so that we can identify your treatment need to prevent tooth loss
  • We discuss any possible relationships between your gum history and your overall health particularly individuals with diabetes and heart disease
  • We review soft tissue growths and changes in colour and texture in you mouth so that we can identify any suspicious lesions early so that we can refer for immediate biopsy and assessment

Facial Aesthetics

Where appropriate, we will advise you of the benefits of our facial aesthetics service, where loss of elastin and collagen has resulted in fine lines and wrinkles. We use facial aesthetic products such as hyaluronic acid based fillers, wrinkle smoothing injections and PDO threads to lift sagging facial tissues.

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