Gum Disease Specialist

Gum Disease Specialist

Essential Facts about Gum Disease….


Did you know the following :

  • Fact – 50 % of the UK adult population suffer from mild to severe forms of gum disease
  • Fact – gum disease is the primary cause of tooth loss and causes destruction  of bone and the supporting structures of your teeth
  • Fact – gum disease is  preventable, and treatable
  • Fact – gum disease is linked with diabetes, heart disease, and adverse pregnancy outcomes and research continues to identify any causal link between gum disease and general health

We feel it is important that you have good information about gum disease and the links with your general health. Please refer to the following documents from the European Federation of Periodontology :

How Do I know if I have gum disease ?

Do you occasionally have a bitter taste in your mouth……..? Do your gums appear puffy and bleed readily….? Do any of your teeth move, even marginally….? Do you have any problems with bad breath   (oral malodour) ? ….it is very possible that you are suffering from gum disease. You need to contact your dentist now to obtain expert help in managing this condition.

Antwerp Dentistry Clinicians can help !

Antwerp Dentistry Clinicians are unique ! Our gum specialists, and our Director Raj Wadhwani have worked together within the Antwerp Academy and designed our own screening protocol and patient management pathway. As a result of this, you will find our clinicians will strongly encourage frequent visits with our hygienists and gum specialists to combat gum disease !

  • Our clinicians will carefully debride tooth surfaces to  remove bacteria and calculus to ensure the gums can heal on meticulously clean teeth
  • Within our gum management team are practitioners who will give advice on quitting smoking
  • Within the same team are advanced level practitioners who will perform gum surgery to help manage disease

Within Antwerp Dental Group, our clinicians are very concerned about the increasing amount of evidence citing a relationship between gum disease and heart disease/stroke, diabetes and adverse pregnancy outcomes. Let us help you keep a lid on gum disease ! A healthy mouth is a healthy body !!

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